Data-driven, digital detection tools to screen containerized cargo for illegal and unwanted wildlife, products and derivatives.

Manage IWT risks more effectively

The Illegal wildlife trade (IWT) exposes you to operational, financial, regulatory and reputational risks. cargoscreen tools support you to actively manage IWT-associated risks to your business.

Leverage your compliance

Our technology allows you to deploy your existing compliance resources more targeted and more effectively to keep your business free of illegal wildlife trade.

Integrates into existing systems

cargoscreen solutions connect to your current systems through our API endpoint which allows it to seamlessly integrate into your existing business processes.

State of the art data security

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to protecting your data. We use state of the art technology and security measures to safeguard client data.



With a value of between USD 7 billion and USD 23 billion each year, the illegal trade in wildlife is the fourth most lucrative global crime after drugs, humans and arms trafficking.

Shark fin seizure in Hong Kong
© Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd

Saying “No” to illegal wildlife trade is increasingly a pledge being adopted by logistics and courier operators and major shipping lines and air freight carriers are increasingly committed to no-carriage policies for endangered and controlled wildlife. As companies are looking for efficient and effective ways of implementation, current and new technologies are emerging in ways that can be applied to help retard the problem and advance solutions.

At cargoscreen we understand the challenges of detecting wildlife specimens in supply chains and develop specialized tools targeted and doing exactly that. We understand that in competition with other risks, wildlife trafficking often receives less attention. Our tools enable you to automate risk assessments for illicit or unwanted wildlife specimens. 


Increased public and regulatory scrutiny and demands for ESG and UN SDG implementation for cargo industry.



Environmental crime, such as illegal wildlife trade, is increasing at 5-7% per year.


No consistently reliable way to detect illegal wildlife as compliance-related processes compete with margins, trade facilitation, other requirements. Physical screening regularly results in delays of up to 7 days.




Number of controlled species increasing with dozens of new species listed at CITES CoP in August 2019, of which several species of sharks, wedge- and guitarfishes, sea cucumbers and multiple land-based species.





Global cargo trade is increasing in both maritime (6.4%, 2017) and air freight

(9.3%, 2017) domains.


Lack of viable solutions for cargo industry inspired us to develop such tools with cargoscreen.


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Enforcement begins with detection. 

Managing risks actively and consistently is inherently hard. One major challenge is recognizing and identifying instances that pose a threat to business operations, carry regulatory consequences or inflict reputational damage to your brand. Illicit trafficking of endangered wildlife not only exposes you to increased risks but is also devastating ecosystems all around the world. Across the board, wild animal species are disappearing at rates not witnessed since the last mass extinction event 65 million years ago.

Our tools support you in keeping your operations and supply chain less exposed to risks arising from wildlife trafficking. We integrate and process numerous structured and unstructured data sources and build solutions that are customized to your specific needs, allowing you to more actively manage your exposure towards the illegal trade in wildlife.

A data-driven, digital detection platform to support shipping companies, freight forwarders, cargo handlers and relevant competent authorities manage financial, regulatory and reputational risk from illegal wildlife trade.

Detect wildlife

Detect illicit wildlife in containerized cargo by calculating risk scores of individual shipments,

Reduce risks

Reduce financial, regulatory and reputational risk by increased positive identification of wildlife shipments.

Reduce costs

Reduce cost of compliance by more effectively managing exposure to wildlife trafficking and minimizing disruptions.



Fully customizable

From the databases and risk indicators to the risk scoring algorithms, we can tune the system to your specific requirements.

API integration

Our tools integrate into your existing systems and processes through secure REST API frameworks.

Data analytics and machine learning

We deploy data analytics to assign risk scores to individual shipments and machine learning techniques to continuously improve predictions and scoring.

Dedicated databases and algorithms

We design our databases and algorithms for very specific purposes and consider geographical and other factors to ensure they are most effective.

Species protection treaties and legislation

We integrate relevant international species protection frameworks such as CITES, CMS and the IUCN Red List.

Proprietary intelligence and other sources

Our system allows you to plug in your own intelligence or other sources to enhance risk scoring specific to your business operations.



The idea behind cargoscreen and our application was born in summer 2018 while working on issues around the illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia. Later that year, we entered the Con X Tech Prize, a conservation technology challenge hosted by technology accelerator Conservation X Labs and were ultimately awarded the Erasing Extinction Award for our efforts to address human-induced extinction. In April 2019, cargoscreen was awarded a grant by Microsoft through the AI for Earth program enabling us to venture forward with experiments in advanced technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing.

We are seeking partners and potential users interested in supporting us to take our prototype to the next level. We'd be stoked to discuss with you how cargoscreen can best support you to better manage wildlife trafficking-related risks. We want to get this right and build a tool that is effective, efficient and user-friendly. Talk to us!

Conservation X Labs
Conservation X Labs Con X Tech Prize Award
Microsoft AI for Earth
AI for Earth grantee

With a team of former financial crime investigators and data scientists, we build risk management tools for international transportation and logistics. cargoscreen is an early stage venture developing tools that help shipping companies, freight forwarders and competent authorities implement robust and confident controls to better detect and manage the risks arising from IWT. 


Enforcement begins with detection. The best of regulation, rules and policies are useless so long as enforcement is weak.

We believe that the transportion sector plays a crucial role in the combat against wildlife trafficking and our vision is to build tools that allow transportation companies to be agents of change. Combining technology and research to generate insights and value to our customers.


Limited resources, paper heavy, manual processes and the sheer volume of international containerized cargo trade provide ample opportunity for traffickers.

Our approach relies on custom-built databases and algorithms, multi-layer analytics and machine learning algorithms that are specific to our customer's business and risk environment. cargoscreen tools connect with your existing software suite.



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